Our Patrizio Belcampo Exhibition is the dramatic, eye catching focus of our winter windows!  The display features hand crafted obelisks, screenprints and wallpaper by the exceptionally skilled and charming Edinburgh based artist.

“Having been given the opportunity to create a window display for The Red Door Gallery this month, I looked into ways I could accompany my printed work with 3D elements and design a visually stimulating setting. I decided to bring together a few strands of my own interests which I had not as yet presented side by side, and I hope the result is both surprising and coherent”.  Patrizio Belcampo

“I enjoy the striking, clean-cut simplicity of the obelisk form, made stronger by its ancient place in our imagination. I particularly like the crispness of the play of light on its facets and how the richer, less restrained patterns of the marbled papers can be presented neatly on its defined planes”.

Followers of our Instagram account have already seen a preview of these incredible obelisks.  Hand made as window dressing, these decorative sculptures will also make an inspiring conversation piece in any home.  Constructed from mount card and lined with handmade marbled papers, each obelisk has a built in plain plinth.

Contact nicky@edinburghart.com to discuss purchasing these highly collectable pieces, priced at £140.

Inspired by his love of Japanese and Chinese motifs and graphics, Patrizio printed some patterned wallpaper to provide a hand crafted back drop to the window. The beautiful, linear “Larch” design features acorns and a grid framework, all meticulously screen printed with the artists trade mark attention to detail.

“As it is often the case with printmakers, I have always been fond of repeat patterns and intrigued by the challenge of designing them. These [patterns] were originally created to line the interior of two cupboards I decorated for a friend, and, like most of my impromptu ideas, ended up becoming rather more structured projects. I initially cut the designs into linoleum sheets, with a view to block-printing the paper. However, I opted for screenprinting as the best way to achieve precision and a measure of speed over longer lengths of paper. In order to do so, I pulled a print of each design from the blocks in black ink, scanned, resized and multiplied each design into a grid of nine repeats, and from that image I created a screen from which I printed the rolls”.

Please drop an email to nicky@edinburghart.com if you are interested in purchasing or producing Patrizio’s wallpaper or would like to discuss bespoke patterns… how exciting!

We have a wonderful range of screenprints available from Patrizio Belcampo, his Avian Alphabet is an on going project which pairs a bird with a typographic element – the letter from the start of it’s name.  Magpie showing in the window is one of the two newest additions to his range.

The above Nightingale print is the other latest addition, and a Red Door Gallery favourite!  The Avian Alphabet prints available in the series include Crane, Dodo, Egret and Jackdaw but be warned, these prints are coming to the end of their edition runs!  Thankfully, there are more letters in the series available, and more yet to come.

View the full collection here.

On the side wall of the window, we can see Patrizio Belcampo’s animal silhouettes.  These capture the personality and form of the hound, cat, stork, fox, hare and ostrich in a one colour screen print.  As with all of his works, these are perfectly screen-printed in a limited edition.  Meet the animals here.

The Christmas Party starts tonight in Edinburgh, with the German Market and Festive Lights brightening up the city centre streets – just a stones through from us in the Old Town.  Perhaps it’s time to start planning your seasonal gifts and all important festive meal?  A Goose is a great gift for Christmas, and as an investment print 😉

Huge thanks to Patrizio Belcampo for his incredible work.

Have a wonderful Friday Evening!


x The Red Door Team