Pop Culture inspired Screen Printer Barry D Bulsara has released a new set of works inspired by Dr Seuss, Billy Connolly and The Young Ones.  It makes for an eclectic, colourful and striking window.  Things are looking Pop!  We couldn’t resist adding in a few of our favourites from the artists folio.  Grab a cuppa and take the tour!

The Big Yin is the nick name given to Billy Connolly in his youth to distinguish him from his father, also known as Billy Connolly.  Today Big Billy is world famous an actor and comedian but he first found fame as a Scottish Pop Folk Musician playing in the Humblebums in the mid 1960’s.  Over the next decade, The Big Yin’s fame expanded to include Personality Appearances and Comedy shows.

These famous Banana Boots were crafted by Glasgow Pop Artist Edmund Smith and were a regular part of his act through the 1970’s.  Billy Connolly has appeared across the world as a stand up comic, maintaining his Scottish Accent, fondness for swearing and hilarious story telling style.  This hand-pulled screen print is the perfect art form to celebrate The Big Yin and Edmund Smith.

Billy Connolly’s quotation has never quite seem more apt than this March – with the snow piling up as the daffodils try to wake up for Spring, roll on June!  This 2 colour screen print will bring a smile all year round.

The Dr Seuss collection now includes 3 designs, “More” for the book worms, “Oh The Places” for the travelling / life inspo and a new colour and smaller size of the previously released “Say”.  As ever, Barry has hand pulled this collection of screenprints personally, so there each print is a unique item with it’s own quirks.  

Creeping into the screenprinted window display, we have some colour pop insect key fobs, printed in Scotland by Arc.

A Recipe For Love.

1 cup of honesty.  3 tablespoons of compatibility.  1 pound of trust.  2 ounces of respect.  A dash of romance. 2 spoonfuls of affection.  1 zest of kindness.  1 pinch of humour and a generous splash of patience.

Brand new 1 colour screenprint, signed and numbered in a limited edition 300 of by the artist.

And so to the artists love affair with Star Wars!  It is fair to say that the force is strong with this one, with over 16 separate prints featuring a reference or character from the beloved film series.  We really enjoy the artists comic twists and inspirational takes on famous quotes, often combining typographic elements with well known iconic characters.

With the Dark Side in mind, a while back, around the much anticipated release of Trainspotting 2, we asked Barry if he would like to produce a print inspired by the original film.  This gold and black screenprint really captures the spirit of the iconic film.  We are delighted to have it back in stock here.

The Young Ones are also making an appearance in our windows, great to see Vyvyan, Rick, Neil and Mike back together again in this one colour screenprint.  This Brittish Sit Com ran for just 2 years in the early 1980’s, though the iconic and anarchic comic writing brought alternative comedy to a wider TV audience for the first time.  The show that launched the careers of Rich Mail, Adrian Edmonson, Alexei Sayle and many more is definitely worth a watch if you’ve not already, some amazing guest  and music performances were worked into the script, including this University Challenge moment.

Any Scottish Flight of the Conchords fans will be waiting with anticipation for the Marvellous & Magnificent Duo’s performance at the SECC Hydro next Monday… we have front row seats and a wall cleared at home this momento.  It’s business time.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, keep cosy and get caught up on your all time favourite Billy Connolly performance!