The sun has been shining and there is blossom on the trees – Yes, summer is in the air! At The Red Door Gallery we love feeling summery, and when Edinburgh gets some sun it truly sparkles. Our wee gallery on Victoria Street has embraced the weather with a floral display of And Smile illustrations. Bringing a beautiful touch of blossom to the street – Pink petals aren’t just for the Meadows you know!


Willow by And Smile Studio - A Beautiful Colourful Digital Print


This print from And Smile is super striking and perfect for those who love dressing for summer. No more winter woollies, just joyful colours and floaty fabrics. This print Willow by And Smile has a strong look with that desirable floral jumpsuit in luscious blues and yellows! We know for a fact that And Smile loves her jumpsuits and they are definitely a pretty, swishy garment for enjoying a fun filled summer’s day.


Dog Lovers Print by And Smile Studio


Walking is a most enjoyable activity to do in the sunshine, even better is a sunny walk with a friend. In this print by And Smile, pups are pals and everyone is having a ball! A good walk solo, or a lovely one with your dog is great for the mind, the knees and for some much needed Vitamin D. This delightful print Dog Lovers by And Smile captures the good mood that comes with a pleasant stroll on a bright, beautiful day!



‘I paint flowers so they will not die’ were words spoken by the powerful artist and icon Frida Kahlo, a much loved subject of And Smile’s illustration portfolio. This print is very popular with our art loving customers. It is a dynamic print that captures the hearts of Frida fans and Kahlo connoisseurs. This portrait of Frida Kahlo by  And Smile is a sun soaked illustration which simply glows!



A summer’s day in Scotland is bound to bring along a little breeze, reminding us of the true nature of Scottish weather. So it wouldn’t be crazy to take a fur coat with you when venturing out and about around Edinburgh town, Just in case the t-shirt and shorts combo get a little chilly as dusk starts creeping in! True coat inspiration, Margot Tenenbaum is featured in this print by And Smile. It effortlessly captures that nonchalant coolness of Margot’s character who would probably wonder why we’re fussing over the sun? Well, that’s Scotland for yeh!




Looking For Spring by And Smile is the most recent addition to our And Smile illustration collection. It couldn’t be more appropriate- an illustration inspired by all things blossom! Blossom pink, blossom eyes and even blossomy hair. This lass has a real zest for summer and it bounces forth! Makes you wonder what her favourite type of blossom might be – Orange blossom? Peach blossom? Apple Blossom? Probably good old cherry blossom!

So whilst the sunshine lasts, let’s smile! And whatever you have planned for these sunshine days, enjoy them. Whether it be that BBQ on the Meadows with your pals, or paddling at Portobello beach!  Head outdoors, feel those rays and catch some blossoms as they tumble from the trees. And while you’re at it, why not pop into The Red Door Gallery and take away a sunshine souvenir by the wonderful And Smile – you will! 🙂