Monday marks the official start of Uni here in Edinburgh, make sure you’re prepared for the semester ahead with our great range of stationery and note books. Release your inner child with our humour range from Gemma Correll for Ohh Deer. 🙂

I made this with my bum, gemma correll, ohh deer, back to school, pencil caseEven the most serious amongst us, can’t hold in the chuckle at this cute pencil case!


Maybe this dreamy unicorn is more your style? Show your love for Scotlands National Animal with this cute chubby unicorn.

daily planner, olliepops, plan your weekThe first week of Uni can be a busy one! Make sure you keep on top of your studies and your social life with this neat planner from Olliepops. Handmade here in Edinburgh.

nope, not a morning person, gemma correll, ohh deerWe’re all familiar with this feeling!! Nope? Fill to the brim with your notes and doodles on those days when you’d really rather be at home in bed!


Keep your notes in check and your lines straight with the cool geometric range from Ding Ding. Check out Jenna’s great range of Clipboards and Rulers.degrees_of_tiredness


We think you might all be familiar with this card by the end of your first semester. 🙂 Send this card to the friend that might need a wee pick me up in the midst of exams.  Let them know that you’re feeling the pain too!

We wish all new students the best of  luck for your coming year, Fight the struggle of your busy schedule with lots of lists!! The brighter the better!

sloth, note pad, ohh deer, gemma correll