It’s time to enjoy some Blooming Beautiful Botanicals at The Red Door Gallery. If you love plants, greenery and all things that are a little bit tropical then you are in for a treat. There is no better way to show your love of plants and nature than by adorning your walls with some lovely, leafy prints!


The Botanic Gardens Risograph by East End Press


Botanic Gardens by East End Press is a brilliantly, bright A3 risograph print. It combines dramatic, big leaves and exotic colours which are often housed inside the exquisite glass houses of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Botanics. The contrast between the bold, block colours and delicate, architectural details make this print a true centre piece.



The iconic cheese plant. A real favourite amongst botanical fans. This Cheese Plant A4 print is by Hello Marilu and celebrates this decorative leaf to the max. Did you know its Binomial name is Monstera deliciosa – A fact you can offer when your friends are admiring this beautiful print on your wall!



Cacti by Louise Smurthwaite, a lusciously green screen print featuring a Botanist’s most prickly friend! Cacti of all shapes and sizes are represented in this petite print and together they are a beautiful sight to behold. But watch your fingers!



An A3 print by David Fleck to give us some much loved, jungle vibes. Jungle Book by Fleck is an impressive illustration of an ancient rain forest rising from the pages of a great novel. The deep greens, hazy sunshine and squawking birds really do make this print come alive!




A rather chic kind of botanical camouflage, these cool Leaf Earrings are the lovely! Elegant and quirky they will bring a touch of nature and botanical beauty to your outfit. Whether you’re weaving your way through the foliage on a green day out, or simply having dinner in the garden. These pretty Leaf Earrings by Lucie Ellen are great for any occasion!




Cat V Plant by Eleanor Meredith is a bright and playful A3 print. If you love plants and you also love cats, then this print is for you. Looking very much at home amongst the flowers, this cool cat is unconcerned about how many he may have squashed – so long as he’s comfy!

Come and explore our botanical side at The Red Door Gallery and feel inspired by all our leafy goodness! 🙂