A flock of Brilliant Birds has perched on The Red Door Gallery – Be swift and catch a piece of feathered finery before it flies away!



Birds in Hats is back and she has brand new pins. This Parakeet Enamel Pin is oh so fancy with a very fetching daisy cap on its pretty little head! Superfly!



The Herring Gull Enamel Pin is channelling those Brighton Beach vibes and rocking a retro Beach Hat! A dapper little chap who wants nothing more than to join you for fish and chips on the seafront! Portobello anyone?



Woah There Pickle hails from Brighton and knows all about the perils of beach dining! This Beware Tea Towel from her new Tea Towel range humorously exposes the dark side of the Herring Gull – the chip nicking and ice-cream pinching side!



Wildlife illustrator extraordinaire Ben Rothery has a marvellous new Magpie print. This detailed illustration captures the fine and feathery iridescence of this highly intelligent bird.



Meet the Toucan – the very latest from incredible print maker Patrizio Belcampo. Toucan is a multi layered and limited edition screen print, brought to life with style and precision by Patrizio. One of the most recognisable birds in the world, this print is super striking and will rule any roost! 🙂