Cats and cuddles for everyone on Hug Your Cat Day, a day filled with Cuddly Cats! So give a cat a cuddle, and if you don’t have a cat – borrow a pal’s! And if your chosen cat doesn’t want a cuddle, try patting a dog. Just don’t tell the cats! A selection of Cuddly Cat treats from The Red Door Gallery to celebrate this curiously cat orientated day!

Cat Clutch by Ark Design


What’s new pussycat? This fine feline Clutch Purse by Ark Colour Design is. Available in Black, Brown and Grey these leather Purses are very elegant and a fab conversation piece. Pop this in your paw and you’ll be Top Cat at the next fiesta!




The Cat Whisperer by Gemma Correll is an A3 print that speaks the truth using just the right words. This is an artwork that you and your cat can appreciate together – strengthening your bond and telepathic connection!


Comtemporary Embroidery Kits by Hawthorn Handmade - Available at The Red Door Gallery


Whilst your furry, feline friend is blissfully resting on you lap, shoulder, head – wherever it wants really – why not occupy yourself with a spot of embroidery. Hawthorn Handmade have a range of Embroidery Kit designs available including this Cat Embroidery Kit.





A funny, wee card that is as weird as it is enlightening  – you’ll not forget this ‘useful’ fact in a hurry! This is the Taco Cat card by Katie Abey – anyone else a little curious as to what a Cat Taco might taste like? Maybe that’s how the proverb came about!





A super soft Cross Body Cat Purse by Mimi and Lula. This little kitty companion is almost as soft as the real thing – PURRR-fect for the little of cat fan or the big cat fan!





And finally, let’s hug it out with Donut Hugs by our very own Sarah Kwan. Whoever said cats and dogs can’t get along has been proved wrong by this print. These two are the firmest of friends in the firmest of hugs!
For more cat themed prints and pieces come and prowl around The Red Door Gallery!  🙂