It’s a bright and sunny Saturday in beautiful Edinburgh and it’s also National Cocktail Day!

A Dirty Martini, Gibson, Gimlet, Lime Rickey, Gin Fizz, a Singapore Sling, maybe a Margarita, Tom Collins, Mai Tai, Mojito… The Pina Colada! What to choose? Before we all get stuck in, a few products from the Red Door Gallery to quench the thirst we feel on what is National Cocktail Day!



Aye it is! Kate and The Ink ask all the right questions. This little A4 print has crisp, bold lines and a cheeky message for all visitors upon entering your Kitchen, Lounge or private Speakeasy! It is also readily available in a handy greetings card



Gin is a major ingredient in many modern Cocktails, whether it’s a fresh G&T or a fruity Floradora. It also has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages and a distinctive distilling process. Stuart Gardiner has produced this elegant A2 print which will stir your curiosity with its ‘Ginfo’ and with recipes for classic gin-based Cocktails. This guide is just the tonic for your juniper spirited needs.


The Champagne Cocktail tea towel includes a brief history, recipe and unique design of this classic drink.


Take a peak at Stuart Gardiner’s Tea Towel range which includes a Classic Cocktails design. Also Crispin Finn have Cocktail greeting cards and a Champagne Cocktail Tea Towel design for those with decadent tastes… Good to have around should you shake that cocktail shaker a tad too hard!



There are some mighty adventurous Cocktails out there which pack a real punch thanks to their spicy ingredients. Tabasco in a Bloody Mary we all know, but have you heard of a Voodoo Death Spell or a Tequila Reaper? Not for the faint hearted! This A5 Foil print by Woah There Pickle gives us a sip of something more fiery with a splash of hot stuff colour.



A fire breathing fruit to follow… These Dragon Fruit Socks by DOIY design will put a spring in your step and a delicious Dragon Fruit Martini might put a wobble in your walk!




A twist is a piece of citrus zest used as a Cocktail garnish for decoration and to add flavour to your drink… These twists by Mixter Maxter will add a splash of colour and pattern to your wardrobe and keep you cosy on a chilly evening out whilst searching for the perfect watering hole! A quirky spin on the traditional scarf, these Ayre Twists are made of Lambs wool and their contemporary textile designs are inspired by the jagged cliffs and coastal landscape of Orkney.



Hand screen printed coasters by Ding Ding design are the ideal accompaniment to a fancy Cocktail. Set your glass down and relax… a cool coaster makes a Cocktail taste even better and when used correctly, makes that Long Island Iced Tea last that little bit longer!


Gin 'n' Juice Pin Set by Hello Sunshine


Funky up any thing and everything with Hello Sunshine enamel pins and give a cheeky wink to perhaps your favourite Cocktail ingredient!?  Simple and effective like a good, strong G&T!

Now it’s back to that all important decision… Will it be a Daiquiri, Appletini, an Old Fashioned or Screwdriver, White Russian, Cosmopolitan, maybe a Whiskey Sour, a Metropolitan a Gin Twist or perhaps a Tequila Sunrise? Enjoy and relax this Saturday with a good tune and a tasty drink in hand on National Cocktail Day! 🙂