David Fleck window at the red door gallery

Edinburgh is starting to thaw and The Red Door Gallery is celebrating with a Snow Sale – a very rare opportunity to snap up some David Fleck Sale prints at up to 33% off.

Midnight Sun and Bleak Midwinter by david fleck at the red door gallery

Titled “Midnight Sun” and “Bleak Midwinter” this beautiful diptych feels particularly apt weather wise.  They were originally £25 each, now just £18 each.  We love how lino cutting has influenced the style of these digital prints, all of the effect of a beautiful, hand carved print at a fraction of the price.  Though not visible in these images, each print is signed by the artist and available in our snow draped Victoria Street Gallery or online here.

zenobia by david fleck at the red door galleryThese enchanting, impossible stilted buildings are reminiscent of fairy tales or fantastical cinema sets.  David Fleck’s passion for international architecture in all it’s wondrous forms is a clear point of inspiration across his folio of works. Zenobia  was originally available as a large Screen Print, if you were lucky enough to snap one of these up back in the day, then you have the envy of the Red Door team!  Some of David’s prints are set to be discontinued, so now is a good time to snap up your favourite!

Old Town Bikesis a Red Door favourite, also once a highly covetable, large scale Screen Print, this illustration captures the two wheels of many bike styles.

“Kraken” is an illustration of the mysterious creature of the deep.  A legendary giant squid who can be found in Moby Dick, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, poetry (including a piece by Tennyson) and The Kraken is more recently, the eponymous branding for a tip top sailor’s Rum – yum!  The print is on sale while stocks last here.A giant urban green house would be just the place to spend time this weekend, a sharp contrast to the blizzards earlier in the week.  “Eva” captures this ideal environment with joy.  This is one of a series of plants scenes in David’s sale folio.

The hawkeyed  David Fleck Fans will recognise a few more favourites in our Sale window below, “Joppa”, “Keddesh”, “Juniper”,” Avian Aviary”, along with a sprinkling of A4 prints are included and stocks are low already!

david fleck at the red door gallery

The prints are all available for shipping with frames within the UK – we have a collection of black and white frames which fit the prints beautifully.  These are £12 for A4 frames and £18 for A3 frames, keep in mind that adding a frame does not affect your postal rate so you can buy as many as you like, which just might make someone’s Mother’s Day!

Happy Snow Day!