Its a sunny Easter Sunday with the perfect conditions for an Easter Egg hunt! Here are a few Easter goodies that we’ve found hiding around The Red Door Gallery…

Tigress Raquel Tote Bag


Beautiful canvas tote bags by Mon Collection which come in a range of designs. This Funky Raquel the Tigress Tote Bag made from unbleached and organic cotton canvas is perfect for collecting up your Easter Egg harvests and Daffodil Bouquets!




Delightful new works by Sarah Kwan is hiding in plain sight in our shop window. This popular print ‘Donut Hugs‘ is making our customers smile and brightening up Victoria Street with its underlying essence of love and friendship!



Anything interesting hiding in our pockets? Why yes… charming Pocket Friends to keep you company wherever you are. A superb collection of Girlfriends and Boyfriends are waiting for you to pick them and keep them secretly close at all times!



These hand painted wooden brooches by Louise Smurthwaite are nestled on our shop shelves, just waiting to be found… Bold and brightly coloured Clouds, Mountains and Tree brooches are easy to spot and easy to wear!



It can be tricky winding our way through Edinburgh’s crooked streets and it’s easy to get lost amongst the historical buildings and quirky cobbled alleys. Mr PS has come to our rescue with lovely Hankie Maps to help us find our way! A Glasgow Hanky is also available.



A handy notebook from Nicola Rowlands… ideal for jotting down all those pesky hiding places that often get forgotten… no more wayward chocolate eggs!

Come on down to the Red Door Gallery! We’d love to see you hunting out your own Easter delights and have a very Happy Easter from everyone behind the Red Doors! 🙂