Happy Halloween-end!  That’s what we are calling this weekend, it’s a little catchier than “Happy Weekend Nearest to Halloween” which just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it somehow!

Bee Contemporary Embroidery Kit by Hawthorn Handmade

What are your plans for the darkest weekend of the year?  We are looking forward to getting a little bit creative, any excuse will do and Halloween is so rich in imagery and inspiration that we will be busy bees all weekend.  Perhaps a night in embroidering insects is a good start!Horse Brooch Felting Kit by Hawthorn HandmadeIf there’s not quite enough sting in Bumble Bee Embroidery tale (chortle), then how about hand felting this beautiful horse head brooch?

The Godfather film (18) give this little guy the perfect Halloween prank potential!

Halloween Inktober by Peter Carrington

This sinister clown may be setting of alarm bells for some, it is recognisably inspired by “Pennywise” from the film “IT” which was based on the Stephen King book of the same title.  There are sure to be some real horror classics on at the cinema or for home viewing over the weekend, pop corn and giant cushions at the ready!

Pennywise is just one of Peter Carrington’s contributions to Inktober, the month long drawing and social media project a lot of our favourite illustrators commit to.  The challenge is to completed a drawing each day.  We have been lucky enough to put together a frankly goul-icious collection of prints from Peter’s Inktober.  Last week’s blog featured the cute cat ghost print and they are all available online here.  The a4 prints are £15 unframed and the mini prints start at £8!


Did you spy Pennywise reflected in our Eye Ball Mirror in the first photo? Super creepy!  This mirror manages to be both elegant and surreal, especially when paired with our eyeball bowl, making the perfect pair of peepers to hide behind during scary films.

You could even keep pop corn in the bottom half!  Or use the eye bowl to scare your Guiser’s as they collect their treats…nom nom nom!

Many a horror film opens with an abandoned building or a lone shed.  Perhaps that is part of what gives Tom Pigeons beautiful new collection of Shed prints such a cinematic feel?  Going live online this week, available in store now!

t-rex, dinosaur, t-rex head, tyranasaurus rex, clock work soldier, diy, cut out and make

If you are looking for a last minute craft project or costume, don’t forget to check out our “Kids” selection in our online shop, we have some great DIY kits!

Our last photo is clearly haunted by The Red Door’s resident Ghost!  Ex RedDoorette Evelina knows this friendly ghost well… but clearly this spirit has fantastic taste and loves The Lindstrom Effect prints as much as we do!

Have a spooktacular weekend!