Our friends at Spira are the designers of beautiful fabrics and based in Sweden. We at the Red Door Gallery have the pleasure of introducing you to a friendly bunch of brand new cotton Tote Bags. They’re a family of characters with irresistible faces!



Meet Ebbot with his trusty pipe. He never leaves the boat without it!  Ebbot is an adventurer, an old Swedish sea dog who has got up to all kinds of scrapes. Well travelled, Ebbot loves nothing more than sitting with his friends and regaling stories of his life on the sea! A very handsome sailor.




Say hej hej to Renate, a young lady from Sweden, who when not being tall, blonde and beautiful, will happily help you carry the groceries. She’s got style, she’s got grace and a beautiful Tote Bag face!



Meet Frank, a rather stylish chap with muscles flexed. He would really like to use them to carry all your shopping! Frank is a social chap, and a favourite amongst the ladies. Every now and then he’ll give a cheeky wink!



They’re all so charming that it’ll be tricky to choose between them. So why not gather them all up and strut down the street with a brand new Tote Bag entourage?! When it comes to the weekly shop you’ll definitely get by with a little help from these friends!!


If you have a thing for faces then we have a crowd of cheerful prints by the artist And Smile to show you. From her studio in London she produces fabulous portraits of recognisable characters including The Royal Tenenbaums and Frida Kahlo. Here’s a few of the adorable faces available… maybe you will recognise one or two!



A pair of very clever chaps! Sherlock and Watson are two peas in a pod. It appears they are working out a little conundrum in this print by And Smile. Their rosy cheeks suggest it’s taking a while!



A summery portrait entitled ‘Heatwave’ to speed up the arrival of that Scottish, summer sun! Pretty in pink this fair lady has certainly caught the rays. Beautifully blushing beneath her flaming locks, she makes us dream of bonnie beaches!



If you’re a fan of the film then you’ll be fan of these faces! Margot and Ritchie Tenenbaum at your service. Also, they have to tell you something… What’s that? They love you. And you love them too!



Plenty more art and design brilliance still to come so keep your eyes peeled and your faces focused on The Red Door Gallery! 🙂