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We love Birds behind our Red Doors and we’ve got lots of treat for the Love Birds out there too. If you like to plan ahead for the big day of love in February (only a mere Month away) and your loved one loves birds? We’ve got plenty of gift ideas for you.

Love Birds by Alice Tams

Have you seen the Birds In Hats Collection by Alice Tams? Bright Beautifully Illustrated Birds in multi-colours. She even has the cutest pair of Love Birds. All Alice’s prints are A4 and available framed and unframed online and for collection from the gallery.

Puffin Enamel Pin by Alice Tams

If you’re looking for a more portable way to show your love of birds, these illustrations have been shrunk lapel size into cool enamel pins.

tropical birds garland by East End Press at The Red Door Gallery

We’ve got birdie bunting for all you Orinthologists out there. Whether you love to study Tropical Birds, Sea Birds or good old British Garden Birds. East End Press has created the most beautiful bunting, perfect for any time of year. The Tropical Birds are particularly striking and perfect if you’re looking to inject some sunshine into the darker days.

Swallow Brooch by Twiggd

Tattooed on to Sailors to signify their sailing experience. Two different legends exist on the reason for Sailors love of the bird. The First being that one Swallow signified the Sailor had sailed 5000 nautical miles and two swallows signifying that they had sailed 10,000 nautical miles. The second legend is that the swallow will guarantee the sailor returns safely home, getting one before they set sail and the second when they return home safely after a successful journey. Whichever legend holds true, they are special birds to illustrate/tattoo. We love the hand painted brooch by local artist Twiggd.

Who could resist a Little Owl Love? A customer favourite is this beautiful illustration by our very own Lindsey Brown. These little birds snuggling up to each other makes the perfect Valentines, Engagement, Wedding or Anniversary Gift.

Jack Daw by Patrizio Belcampo

One of our favourites from Patrizio Belcampo is Jackdaw. Might seem like an unlike choice for Lovebirds but Jackdaws form strong pair bonds with their mates and are renowned for their devotion towards their partner. Awww ☺️. Would make a lovely unexpected gift for your loved one.

swan, bird, enamel pin, shiny, illustration, charlotte farmer

We’ve got lots more Birdie themed goodies behind our Red Doors. Check out our In The Garden Section for some more treats. If you love our feathered friends, you should take part in the Big Garden Bird Watch 27th – 29th of January and help track all the birds that visit your garden.

Love Birds Blog