Our Ancestor’s by David Fleck – Exhibition Opening Night

Apr 18, 2012 | Blog

Our Ancestor’s opened here at The Red Door Gallery almost two weeks ago now and since the opening night there has been a constant stream of compliments given, stories shared and questions provoked by the new body of work all freshly created by Glasgow based illustrator and architect, David Fleck.

We would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts on the exhibition whose inspiration lies in Italio Calvino’s Invisible Cities.  If you haven’t had the chance to flick through this influential, concentrated little book, we thoroughly recommend you do.  If your lucky enough to be passing our way, come in and have a peep.  There will be some photos of the work it’s self available soon, for now just enjoy the atmosphere of our opening in the snaps above, another view of city life!

David’s unframed, signed, digital prints start at just £10 and his hand finished screen prints such as Joppa above are £50.  Please drop us an email for more information, or visit our online shop.

A huge thanks to David for all his work and to everyone who joined us for his opening night – please send us any snaps you have to nicky@edinburghart.com.

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