Edinburgh College of Art – Original Drawing!

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Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) is an original drawing by Libby Walker.

We are lucky enough to have this original drawing, showing the architecutre of the ECA building combined with intricate details, memories of the artist’s time studying there and alumni of the Art School.

The impressive list of alumni illustrated includes the internationally acclaimed Elizabeth Blackadder.  This estimed artist often seen working Glasgow Print Studio and is held in great regard by Libby Walker. Blackadder retired from teaching at ECA in 1986, which is the year Walker was born.  Aileen Paterson is the celebrated writer and illustrator of Maisie Mackenzie, the Scottish kitten books whose humours and warm stories have a fond place in Edinburgh’s collective childhood and Walker’s too.  Finally, artist Rachel Maclean represented Scotland in 2017’s Venice Biannale and Libby Walker was there to assist and support, along with a handful of others.  You will see in the right hand corner the friends that accompanied her on this trip. They are all dressed up for their end of year party, known as The Revel.  That year the theme was Roald Dahl and the evenings celebrations and hand crafted costumes were all created thematically.  This tradition goes back generations through the art school’s history.

Created by Libby Walker for the “Crag & Tale” exhibition which encouraged illustrators to look at Edinburgh from a different perspective. Curated by Nicky Brooks at the Red Door Gallery you can read more about this exhibition here.

A2 Original drawing with ink and gouache. Signed by the Artist.

A3 prints of this design are available here.


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