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Edinburgh Fizz is a high quality print taken from an original drawing.  Ray Taylor worked with graphite powder, salt and water to create this colourful, energetic depiction of Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival brings with it a vibrant, buzzing atmosphere.  The city is a place of celebration and almost fizzes with energy!  Ray Taylor has captured this beautifully by highlighting the geological force that lies beneath Edinburgh castle.  These volcanic rocks are dormant, but appear enlivened them with colour, graphite powder and a smoky sky.  Anyone familiar with the Edinburgh Festival Tattoo will be reminded of the colourful, vibrant haze created by the dramatic nightly Fireworks displays.

Ray Taylor is part of our small team here on Victoria Street.  Her inspiration for this project came from what started as a normal day in The Red Door Gallery, that became quite spectacular thanks to a Bollywood Film company filming in front of our shop… the video is just below!

Created by Ray Taylor for the “Crag & Tale” exhibition for which we encouraged illustrators to look at Edinburgh from a different perspective. Curated by Nicky Brooks at The Red Door Gallery you can read more about this exhibition here.

An A3 open edition giclee print, signed by the artist.

Filming at our Red Doors for a #Bollywood production! #fluro #edinburgh #edinburghart #bouncingballs #bouncyball

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