Fleece Lined Commuter Cowel

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The Commuter Cowl is a versatile product that harbors practical and stylish elements essential for the discerning cyclist.

Made from high-quality wool ensuring the scarves are beautiful, warm and hard wearing. The fleece lining gives soft, comfortable, and quick drying elements.

The scarf features a very subtle reflective piping which is effective when bright light is shone.

Modern Fair Isle pattern contains: little bikes, tiny chevrons and the occasional love heart.  Made in the heart of Scotland.

Measuring approx. 60cm in circumference (7 bikes long, 3 bike lengths wide).
This is a looped scarf – Perfect for bicycle commuters. The cowl is designed so that it can be pulled over the face when riding or tucked under the chin for warmth.

Commuter Cowls are fleece lined to wick sweat and have been made with 50/50 merino/teflon treated wool, this means this product is more resistant to stains and will not pill when washed multiple times.  Wash on a normal cycle, can be spun dry.

WEB - Fushia and grey cowl 6 WEB - Fushia commuter cowl outdoor 2 WEB - Fushia and Grey cowl 8 WEB - Fuschia Cowl detail WEB - Fuschia cowl cuttout2


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