Geometric Ceramic Pendant

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This beautiful Geometric Ceramic Pendant Necklace is a part of Isla Clay’s signature geometric collection titled Lumina.  It features bright, bold colours, black carved geometric patterns and classic yet obviously hand-cut shapes. Designed for every day wear to add something unique and vibrant to your casual clothing.

Made of earthenware clay and fired twice around 1000°C. The geometric pattern was carved while leather-hard and inlaid with black underglaze. The necklace is coated with non toxic turquoise and baby pink glazes. The silver plated chain finishes with a silver plated T-clasp. The necklace is light and comfortable to wear. The reverse, where the necklace was touching the kiln, is left unglazed. Due to its handmade nature every piece is unique.
Chain length including the clasp: app. 70cm // 27 inches
Ceramic piece: 5 x 4 cm

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