North Bridges – Vaults

£ 30.00


The North Bridges print is inspired by the underground vaults and streets nestled beneath this famous bridge.
Edinburgh’s Old Town can be a delightful maze! Built on the side of an extinct Volcano, the old city takes its form from the natural landscape underneath which necessitates many a bridge, the way the streets layer on top of each other up will confuse even the smartest of apps. David Fleck has abstracted this layering of buildings, underground vaults and streets into a playful portrayal of a contemporary yet Medieval Edinburgh.

Backing on to the North Bridges is Mary Kings Close. Now a famous tourist destination, this area of Edinburgh is a city beneath the city – invisible to the eye, yet accessible from the street, here you can see the buildings as they were originally built and lived in. Dark, cramped and mysterious these vaulted time capsules are so very different from the vibrant city above.
Created by David Fleck for the “Crag & Tale” exhibition, for which we encouraged illustrators to look at Edinburgh from a different perspective.

A3 Open Edition Print
Tintoretto Gesso 250 gsm Acid-Free Fine Art Paper
Indigo 6 Colour Printing Press signed by the artist.


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