The Edinburgh Dragon

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The Edinburgh Dragon is a wonderful, intricate paper cut by Emily Hogarth.

There is an ancient fable which tells the tale of a sleeping dragon resting under Edinburgh Castle.  Emily Hogarth has taken this one step further and created an illustration depicting the Castle to be a Dragon, it’s tail intertwined with The Royal Mie, the city’s distinctive skyline and the Scottish flora and fauna we all know and love.

In early 2017, Emily Hogarth was commissioned to create a new range of work for the Children’s Hospital under construction in Edinburgh.  The main entrance artwork is all based around magical depictions of Edinburgh.  The Dragon’s Lair is a nod to this project, and is indeed a magical, inspirational scene.

This piece is exclusive to The Red Door Gallery, and we have it framed beautifully in black.  The frame measures 35 x 36.50 cm.

Look out for the Limited Edition Screen Print coming soon, also exclusive to The Red Door Gallery.

Created by Emily Hogarth for the “Crag & Tale” exhibition, for which we encouraged illustrators to look at Edinburgh from a different perspective. Curated by Nicky Brooks at the Red Door Gallery you can read more about this exhibition here.



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