David Bowie print amongst David Bowie records


Music lovers rejoice! As today is Record Store Day and therefore RECORDoor Gallery Day at The Red Door Gallery – a day out dedicated to music. Start by browsing our shop for music inspired goodies. Then head out and explore every record store you know and don’t know. At the end of the day gather up those new records, dust off the old ones and then give your entire collection a full spin on the turn table. Surround yourself in sweet sounds and musically inspired Red Door Gallery art and design. What a great day! Here are a few music inspired products from The Red Door Gallery to get us all in the mood for music!

We are very happy to introduce our very own screen print ‘super-group’ produced by Charlotte Farmer. A superb line up of A4 screen prints featuring Debbie Harry, Mick Jagger, John and Yoko , Freddie Mercury and a personal favourite David Bowie. This ‘Starman’ print contains the lyrics to his 1972 hit record! Get them as solo artists or have the whole band of them playing in your home!


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Rock n Roll is synonymous with Bourbon and most famously the Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. Many a song has been written in ode to this liquor, just ask Thin Lizzy with their 1973 song ‘Whiskey in the Jar’. We too love our whiskey in Scotland and have an entire A3 print dedicated to the infamous spirit! This Whiskey Map of Scotland by Kate Mclelland is an A3 print of our homeland where world renowned whiskeys are produced!



‘Rocket Man’, the 1972 hit by Elton John is a song loved by many and to which we all know the words! We have a pair of beautiful prints by The Lindstrom Effect which depict a small and mighty Rocket launching into space! A vibrant wee print as an individual or as a pair that are bound to impress…





The Crowd by Lindsey Brown is a fantastic print which shows us the view from up on a stage, looking down at our adoring fans! The Crowd is available in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 so you can choose which part of the crowd are most likely to buy all your records once you buy them!



We’ve all dreamed of being a DJ, and playing our favourite tunes to a room full of people. Getting everyone dancing to THE BEST songs! Well this little Rabbit is living that dream in this DJ Bunny A3 screen print. He’s raising the roof and laying down sweet bunny beats! This guy is part of our HAM collection. Take a look at the other bunnies in this print series by HAM doing other funny things!



We are BIG music appreciators here at the Red Door Gallery, and especially on Record Store Day! We have Fleetwood Mac fans, David Bowie fans, Bruce Springsteen lovers and lovers of Bob Dylan working here. The list will ‘keep on, keepin’ on’ if we let it!  So have a flip through our shop shelves whilst our funky playlists serenade you at RECORDoor Gallery! And let us know if you have any special Record Store Day moments as we’d love to hear them! 🙂