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Turn to the left 
Turn to the right 
Oooh, fashion! 
We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town 
Beep-beep Beep-beep

Ah a classic David Bowie track that never get’s old. He was quite the stylish gent, and we’re sure this track gets an airing every year at Fashion Week. It was New York last week, and tomorrow London Fashion Week launches.

David Bowie by Charlotte Farmer

If this stylish Starman continues to blow your mind with his music and fashion, you should definitely hang this print on your walls. It’s a limited edition screen print by the wonderful Charlotte Farmer.  

Charlotte has chosen some of the most stylish singers for her musical collection. All of whom are known not only for their musical prowess but also their ability to put a pretty rocking outfit together. The wonderful Debbie Harry, Looking effortlessly cool even when hanging at the phone booth. See who else Charlotte has added to her collection of fine musicians here .

These guys would not look out of place at London Fashion Week. With over 35 different Girls (and Boys) to choose from, you might even find your doppelganger in amongst the collection. Drawn from a combination of the illustrator Lindsey Brown’s friends, strangers and her imagination, this folio of beautiful illustrations is inspired by the unique nature of street style fashion.  Each print celebrates the creativity and personality of the individual, with a dash of colour and line highlighting the artist’s favourite details.  These could easily be a snap shot from any given day on the Streets of London. So many cool kats to collect. At a pocket friendly £6.50 each, you could create your very own fashion crew.

Trix,street style illustration by Lindsey Brown

This cool lady has been the most popular from the collection, many claiming to know someone who looks just like her. Do you know anyone? She’s called Trix.

Can’t make it to London and looking to console yourself with some new jewellery? We’ve just update the Lucie Ellen selection on our website. Loads of great Earrings and Brooches that will earn you a ton of street cred!  😉

They went That Way! Pointing you in the direction of the cool people with this cute glittery arrow pin. 

strongwomen, rebecca brown ceramic badges

These nonchalant ladies don’t seem to bothered about the glamour of London Fashion Week!  Give them a classic Breton Stripe and they’re sure to be kinda happy! They make the perfect lapel pals if the feeling is mutual! Excellent ceramic brooches by Rebecca Brown. 

Brown Hound by Patrizio Belcampo

It’s a double whammy of a day tomorrow with it also being Chinese New Year!! This year it’s the Year of The Dog! we do love a good link and in fact the late great David Bowie was born in The Year of The Dog. Another interesting fact  is that “Chinese New Year” is a bit of a misnomer because the event isn’t just celebrated in China, but also in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and beyond,  a sixth of the world’s population will actually be celebrating New Year’s Day tomorrow, instead of the first of January like we assume most people do.

Dog Lovers Print by And Smile Studio

We’ve got lots of Dog themed treats behind our Red Doors if you’re just looking for an excuse to buy something for a Dog Lover out there. Just back in stock is the wonderful Dog Lovers by And Smile Studio. The perfect doggy print for the stylish Dog Lady.

Whether you’re dressing up in your coolest outfit to head to fashion week, celebrating Chinese New Year with a delicious feast tomorrow or just glad that it’s almost the weekend,They’re all cause for celebration in our books!! Have a good one when it comes. 🙂

She's In Fashion Blog Post