Crag & Tale

The Red Door Gallery put out a call to our illustrators for Summer 2017, inviting them to take a new view on Edinburgh.The Title of the exhibition ‘Crag and Tale’ was intended as a point of inspiration.

Edinburgh City is famously built around the castle, which perches above the City’s Old and New towns, on an ancient volcanic rock. Known locally as the Castle Rock, this craggy, solid land mass was emphasised and exposed during the ice age. It was so resistant to glacial pressure that most soft rock surrounding it was carved away, with the exception of a protected slope leading off to the East. This ramp forms the world famous Medieval street known as The Royal Mile, believed to be one of Edinburgh’s first streets. In geological terms, Edinburgh’s Old Town was built upon a “Crag and Tail”.

The Red Door Gallery is part of this tail, nestled underneath the Castle just off the Royal Mile. The architecture of Victoria Street and the building the Red Door Gallery calls home connects us and our contemporary artworks to the formation of this city and inspires many.

Our call to artists has produced an original and varied collection of contemporary works on paper. Each artist has used the city as the foundation on which to build their own, personal story and style. The result is a recognisable yet different view of the Edinburgh. Each print has its very own “Crag and Tale”, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Curated by Nicky Brooks.
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