Sweetheart Pin Cushion

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Product Description

A modern day sweetheart pin cushion, produced just for you. There is even left a small circle on the back for you to sew your loved ones initials!

 ‘Sweetheart’ pin cushions were made in the First World War, often by convalescing and disabled soldiers as well as civilians to be given to their loved one. Many were given to sailors by their sweethearts to remind them of them on their long voyages at sea. They were covered in beads, ribbons, lace and fabric badges of the persons battalion, or sometimes a poem.
The design has been linocut and then hand block printed using oil based (colour fast) inks onto a light cream cotton sateen fabric. The front design has three colours, and the back just the one colour. It is stuffed with a hollowfibre filling, which complies with fire safety regulations.
Cushion measures: 18cm x 16cm at its widest points.Top text reads : Be Mine Forever
Bottom text reads: True LoveNot suitable for children or babies. This item is designed to be a decorative art piece. Though if you are a practical soul, it can be used as a pin cushion!

Jeff Josephine is also known as Sophie Elm who graduated from Edinburgh college of art in 2008 as an Illustrator. The Red Door Gallery exhibit a range of her print based and ceramic works which exemplify her interests in decorative design, pattern making and typography.