Whether you enjoy drawing your ideas or writing them down, we have a superb selection of sketchbooks and notebooks to play with – they are our Sketchbook Superstars and Notebook Virtuosos!
New from Noodoll Design comes a fantastic ensemble of Pocket Sketchbooks. These fab pads are the product of Noodoll’s collaboration with iconic designer and illustrator Clifford Richards. They are ideal companions for the creative on the move and even incorporate a delightful bookmark on their front covers. Pick your favourite artsy Superstar or be inspired by the entire collection of creative masterminds!



A popular guy in the 60’s and a pioneer of American Pop Art, we have Andy Warhol! A little Andy Warhol Sketchbook for your pocket! A superb design based upon his Iconic Campbell’s Soup Can paintings – but cunningly altered! Remember that this little Andy is a bookmark too – groovy man!





Andy Warhol looks a scream, hang him on my wall’ says David Bowie, and here he is –  David Bowie Pocket Sketchbook! This music legend transcended the realms of music, art and performance. A visionary artist, an extraordinary mind and an out of this world kind of style! A rather inspiring Sketchbook companion to say the least- a good looking bookmark too!




Frida Kahlo Pocket Sketchbook. A prolific painter born in Mexico, she travelled the world and believed in the pure power of art. Her work contains fantastic colours, minute details and beautiful symbolism. Frida Kahlo ‘s paintings are adored by art lovers everywhere and this little Frida Sketchbook will be a great travel companion!



If you have a penchant for the writing pen then Kirsty Baynham is your man! New designs are now available in her range of beautifully crafted notebooks. This set of 2 Wanderlust Notebooks are inspired by illustrations of forests and starry skies. Small and mighty, the notebooks hold 40 pages each. One book contains plain pages and the other has lined pages. Simply exquisite!



This set of 2 Tortoise Notebooks are decorated in Tortoise illustrations. They showcase Kirsty Baynham’s passion for symmetry, geometry and pattern making – just look at the detail on that Tortoise Shell. Lucky Tortoise! They may not be fast creatures but these shelly notebooks are whizzing of the shelves so why not add a Tortoise or two to you stationery drawer?!


These Mini Letter Writing Sets contain twelve small sheets of lined, writing paper, six grey envelopes and a set of illustrated stickers.The writing paper is printed with an illustration of a magical cabin in a mystical forest, and also dazzling, geometric sun patterns. All these delightful materials come packaged in a printed envelope ready for spreading your love of the written word! When it comes to overall loveliness – no one does stationery better than Kirsty Baynham and her Prism of Starlings designs.



Super designs and extra handy, these are our sketch and scribe maestros! The Red Door Gallery is the place to come for all your scribbling needs! 🙂