National Stationery Week Blog up on Our Blog at The Red Door Gallery

It’s National Stationery Week. A celebration of all things pen,pencil and paper related. With the advances in modern technologies we’re venturing further away from good old pen and paper. But nothing beats the feel of a new pen or pencil or the smell of a crisp fresh note book.

National Stationery Week Blog up on Our Blog at The Red Door Gallery

We always find that the most difficult thing with a new note book is just where to start? You want that first page to have the BEST handwriting or the BEST sketch. It’s the first page that someone will see when they open that book, I sometimes start at the back not wanting to spoil the front.

north Bridge 2 by Libby Walker A5 notebookPopular Edinburgh Sketchbooks by Glasgow Based Libby Walker

Many of our customers just love to collect beautiful sketchbooks, not wanting to spoil the blank pages. If that sounds like you or if you just love to have a vast collection for all your sketches and musings then we have quite the collection for you.

cat whisperer, pretty, modest cat, illustration, gemma correll

A notebook is a great way to buy some work by your favourite artists, at an affordable, carry everywhere with you option. Gemma Correll is known the world over for her quirky, honest illustrations. She often features herself and her little pug friends. Her collection of stationery is in collaboration with Ohh Deer is one of our Top Sellers.

pug pencils by Gemma Correll x Ohh Deer at The Red Door Gallery

These cute pug pencils are the perfect partner for her distinctive red, black and white stationery.


Are you a stationery addict?? Join like minded folks and join the society for crossed pencils. For lovers of stationery everywhere. Follow them over on Instagram for lust worthy stationery goodies.

Stationery isn’t restricted to Pencil and Paper, Wednesday was Craft Day and we have some great Paper Craft Kits for Big Kids and Small Kids alike! 🙂

t-rex, dinosaur, t-rex head, tyranasaurus rex, clock work soldier, diy, cut out and make

Build A Terrible T-Rex Head! He’s pretty gruesome but sure to give you hours of fun building him, He might be a little scary if you encounter him in the night though! ?One of the many fun kits by A Clockwork Soldier.

unicorn - made

We love sending beautiful cards through the post and what could be more fun than an interactive one? These great cards by The Pop Out Card Company have been a run away success. The customer favourite is most definitely the Unicorn. Always galloping off out our Red Doors.?

olliepops, notebooks, weavers, screenprinters, artists, design, school notebooks

Our lovely Gillian has created a fab range of notebooks with her brand Olliepops. These come in a beautiful range of colours and interesting papers. There’s something for everyone, Screen Printer to Weaver she’s made the perfect notebook for you.

The Colouring Book of Edinburgh by Eilidh Muldoon at The Red Door GalleryThe craze of beautiful colouring books for adults continues to rein. We’ve just had the new Edinburgh colouring book by Eilidh Muldoon arrive. This joins her already popular Colouring Book of Scotland. Bring Edinburgh to life in colour with your favourite pens.National Stationery Week Blog up on Our Blog at The Red Door Gallery

This is just a snippet of the beautiful stationery we have behind our red doors. Check out our Notebook Section on the website for all your notebook needs.

Happy Weekend!