Introducing New Artist – Or8Design

Oct 18, 2020 | Blog

Or8Design looking splendid on our Gallery wall


We would like to introduce you to a brand new artist joining our Red Door Gallery creatives. They are Or8Design. A specialist in hand pulled screen prints inspired by nature’s landscapes and the great outdoors!

Hidden In The Hills
23cm x 50cm screen print


Or8Design is Owen Findley. Originally from Sheffield, he now lives and works in Leeds where he has a home studio from which he screen prints all his artwork by hand. His studio name Or8Design is a fun and stylised nod to the popular Sheffield greeting ‘orate’, which can be translated as ‘all right’ and good for use as a greeting, an agreement, an evaluation, all sorts! We just love the bold, swerving smoke making shapes in their Hidden In The Hills print above.


Or8Design preparing prints in the studio


Right Where I’d Want To Be
16″x20″ screen print


Each print by Or8Design is given all the time and care it deserves, created colour-by-colour, one print at a time, making each one unique. And this is something you can definitely see in the final, finished pieces. Check out the crisp, sharp edges in their Right Where I’d Want To Be print, very sleek!


Edge Of The Mountains
16″x20″ screen print


Armed with a Campervan and a huge love for the outside world, Or8Design takes inspiration from ‘the joy of getting away from it all’. Being able to leave behind the city, the tech and all life’s busy distractions is something this designer truly treasures. The feeling of escapism and relaxation found during woodland ramblings, warm open fires and exploring landscapes flows through Or8Design’s inspired print collection. The Edge Of The Mountains print is the perfect balance of cosy cottage and peaceful seclusion, let’s go stay there!


Red Roof Cabin
A4 screen print


Whilst out and about and away from the city, Owen will take notes and abstract sketches of the things that catch his eye and what he feels might work in a new piece of artwork. Then once back home, it’s through digital editing that Owen creates his stripped back, minimal aesthetic. Removing fussy details, and simplifying lines until it feels right. Then, it’s time to turn the image into screen prints! Such beautiful use of bright colour in Red Roof Cabin print, it really catches our eye!


Or8Design hand pulling screen prints in the studio


Northern Lights
23cm x 50cm screen print


Or8Design’s trusty Campervan is what takes them to the places that inspire their prints. All their imagery stems from real cottages, campsites, roads and landscapes they’ve visited. Often it’s not an exact representation of the place, but a more dreamlike and abstract version. The aim is to capture that middle of nowhere, peaceful essence through simple imagery. An excellent interpretation of a magical, natural phenomenon has been achieved in the Northern Lights print above. Can you imagine the real thing!


Cabin Enamel Pin Badge


Being an outdoorsy sort Or8Design knows the appeal of a good pin badge, something small and stylish to pop on your rucksack, jacket or hat! And of course, their designs work fantastically well in pin badge form too. A great way to show your love for the great outdoors and joy of exploring new places, just like Or8Design!


Great Outdoors Enamel Pin Badge


The artist Or8Design has even more wonderful products to their name including Greetings Cards, and new work is arriving at our shop everyday. Check our website to keep up to date. In the meantime, have a great Sunday from us all at The Red Door Gallery! 🙂




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