2020 Bear Calendar

£ 15.00

The Mister Peebles 2020 calendar is almost here! Pre order now, and you’ll receive your calendar in early October 2019.

12 months of brown bears getting up to all sorts. 12 months of bears and puns, all illustrated by Mister Peebles. With a full A4 size illustration and a full page date grid for each month, there’s more space for those all important dates and appointments.

  • January – The Cupboard Was Bear
  • February – Bear Your Soul
  • March – How Embearassing
  • April – Bearcycle Ride
  • May – Sonny & Bear
  • June – Bearmuda Shorts
  • July – Bear Spray
  • August – Bear Minimum
  • September – Bearplane Pilot
  • October – Subear Star
  • November – Abearcadabra
  • December – Decembear

Perfect for making plans or a pressie for your ever organised pal.

Limited edition (we couldn’t bear it if you missed out)

Out of stock

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