A Guide to Pairing Red Wine with Food Tea Towel

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Become the sommelier of your own kitchen with this comprehensive and beautifully designed food and wine pairing guide. The red wine version covers 34 popular styles – each one rated against 56 different food entries – that’s 1904 possible combos covered! Pairings are rated as excellent, good and best avoided so you’ll never make a food faux-pas.

Foods are grouped into 7 categories: Meat & Poultry, Seafood, Flavours & Herbs, Taste, International Dishes, Vegs & Vegetarian, and Dairy. There’s also additional info on acidity, body, tannins and sweetness for each wine listed. Corking encyclopedic wine mastery at your dish drying hands!

Designed by Stuart Gardiner who specializes in producing organic homewares from his studio in East London, all made in the UK.

Red Wine Teatowel

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Dimensions 76 x 48 cm

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