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Bubbles Ceramic Dish

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Emporium Julium Ceramics are Handmade in Edinburgh by Julija Pustovrh

Handmade decorative dish inspired by snowy landscape and stars in the winter skies.
Can be used as ring dish, salt dish, candle holder – perfect for tea candles, trinket dish, sauce dish, etc.


The clay used to make this dish is white stoneware clay, the blue underglaze is used to create the bubble effect and the surface of the dish is then glazed with transparent glossy glaze (stoneware firing to 1240°C, glaze food safe).

The dish has a very contemporary and modern look and is a perfect birthday, anniversary or wedding gift.

As you can see from the photos the bubble technique is very organic and unpredictable and every piece is different and unique.
For example, some pieces have small and dense bubble pattern and are therefore more blue and others have bigger bubble patterns and they appear lighter in colour. Also some dishes have bubbles all over the plate and some cover just half or a small portion and there is some white space.
So, please, be aware that you are ordering an item that is one of a kind.

The plate is easy to use and clean, it is stoneware and is therefore strong, durable and easy to wash. The surface is not porous.

As each dish is handmade they will be between 6-8cm with approx height 1.5cm

Please, note the shape of the plate is organic and irregular as it is cut by hand, the outline from above is not a perfect circle.


Out of Stock!

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