Crown Ring

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A self-assembly ring, laser-cut from a single acrylic sheet, inspired by the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland”.
The off-cuts are used to frame the product, making it easy and safe to send by post, and also acts as a stand for the ring and the message card. Recyclability is at a maximum through the use of recyclable materials and no glue or secondary materials.
The product comes with three different ring sizes attached (16, 17 and 18 mm diameter), a ring to fit all sizes.
Available in four colours: Black, Clear, Red and Blue
Dimension: 48 (h) x 30 (w) x 30 (d) mm (Ring), 4 (h) x 95 (w) x 122 (d) mm (package)
Crown Ring BlueCrown Ring RedCrown Ring

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