Dragon as Nessie Magnet

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Dragon as Nessie Magnet

This design is from Sarah Kwan Artist’s East meets West Series, celebrating fun multicultural mash ups for all to enjoy! Designed with love, by Sarah Kwan Artist from her Edinburgh studio.

In Chinese mythology some say every proper Dragon carries a Pearl with them, the pearl is known in Buddhism to be ‘The Divine Pearl’ and can give you all that you can desire! If viewed as a Dragon, you can assume it is in the sky with decorative Chinese style clouds with it’s Pearl (or it could be the Moon).

In Scottish mythology we have ‘Nessie’ aka ‘The Loch Ness Monster’, a creature that lives in the depths of the water in the Loch / Lake.  Nessie is ingrained in Scottish Culture and if the Dragon is Nessie in this piece, it is swimming surrounded by seaweed blowing a bubble!

– Rectangular magnet measures approx. 1.75” X 2.75”
– Made using high quality metal and plastic
– Plain magnet on reverse
– Designed and made in the UK

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