Flatfoot Fronting

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“ Flatfoot Fronting ” is part of renown Scottish artist Kirsty Whiten’s “Wronger Rites’” series of paintings.  The print folio showcased at The Red Door Gallery is limited edition gicclee prints of her original paintings, signed and numbered by the artist.

While she is fascinated by Anthropology, our ancestors and ritual objects used accross the world, Whiten’s work is also a personal study of humans as animals.

The artist is asking you to imagine a world where we still perform animalistic-seeming rituals to mark out our life stages, where we handle objects that contain power and believe beyond our secular society to a more universally shared narrative.  “Wronger Rites’”began as a drive to imagine these sacred rituals for the “Now Peoples”, overseen by their gender-queer priestess, the Quing.

The performances Whiten portrays are depictions of a society more closely associated with our ancestors and the corners of the human race.  New archetypes have evolved from some well known myths and costumes. Sometimes the masked dancers really are animal-headed deities; sometimes a striking ceremonial phallusis just made from a pair of tights and a cardboard tube.  Whiten is presenting on paper the animal side of human nature, that we might be missing out on.

A3 print size.


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