Forest Wildlife 2

£ 75.00

These screenprints are part of an ongoing forest-themed series.

Catherine created tree-shapes from many, many drawings that she did in forests and parks, and turned them into half-tone dot-screen shapes to expose onto my silkscreen. She also made many drawings of wildlife that lives in the forest and selected some to represent the plethora of species – flowers, fungi, insects, birds and mammals, all hosted by the trees and interacting with them in a complex interdependent eco-system.

Each print is created by hand-printing these trees and animals individually onto the paper at random, thus creating endless combinations and permutations, representing the infinite variety and diversity that these beautiful and fascinating environments hold.

This listing is an example of a print you’ll receive, but each one is unique and part of a varied edition of 20. No two prints in this series are the same: never quite the same combination of animals and trees. It is a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

Drop us an email if you’d like to see the exact copies we have in stock at the time of ordering, or let it be a complete surprise. They are all beautiful.

Dimensions: Height: 45 Centimetres; Width: 38 Centimetres

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