Highland Coo -llaboration Greetings Card

£ 3.00

Highland Coo -llaboration Greetings Card – by Sarah Kwan Artist

A fun blend of Scottish and Chinese culture can be found right here, where the famous Scottish Highland Cow (Highland Coo / Heilan Coo) meets Chinese Mystic Knots and Lucky Coins.

Mystic Knots are reknowned good luck charms in Chinese culture, with the knots symbolising the eternity symbol of the figure eight – and they are also believed to ward off evil spirits.  It is said that the practice of making Mystic Knots was used long ago and started as a folklore tradition to record major and minor historical events.  Nowadays Mystic Knots are seen adorning the walls of many homes and businesses, often in the colour red – symbolising good luck and prosperity.

The Highland Coo features often in the beautiful Scottish countryside, with their beautiful red hair and long fringes known as a ‘Dossan’ covering their eyes.  Did you know a herd of Highland Coos is called a Fold?  Queen victoria is said to have loved the Highland Coo’s red colouring, which resulted in selective breeding over time and is the reason why we mainly see red Highland Coos roaming the hillsides these days.

Hopefully this colourful Coo- llaboration will bring you good luck and much joy!

From Sarah Kwan Artist’s ‘East meets West Series’

Comes with a white envelope

Printed in thick 300gsm white card with a description of the artwork on the back

A6 size – 14.8cm x 10.5cm

Blank inside for your own message

Reproduced from an original ink drawing with some additional digital colouring added.  This piece was created with the interesting mix of Scottish and Chinese culture in mind.

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