Jaws – Movie Screen Print

£ 75.00


Jaws – Movie Screen Print is one for the film buffs!

The print features carefully selected objects that can be found in the film Jaws.  The artist has painstakingly recreated each item in graphic form.  It is these often overlooked details that give classic films their remarkable edge and draw you into the make believe world.

There are more prints in this series.  With a nod to all of those involved behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera, these prints celebrate the art of design in film making,

These screen prints are sure to resonate with fans of film.  Look out for them in your next viewing of Jaws, perhaps as the start of a Spielberg film binge?

Each print comes complete with an “order of appearance” which acts as a guide to each object and the moment it appears in the film.

Two colour hand pulled screen print on heavyweight 250gsm Matrisse Paper.

Measures 50cm x 70cm.

Open edition, each one hand dated and embossed.

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