Knot Garden Vases

£ 35.00£ 48.00

The Knot Garden Vases are a lovely oval shaped vase with bold geometric designs inspired by Knot Garden layouts. They are slab built out of a creamy white earthenware clay and decorated by hand using vibrant underglazes. They are clear glazed to finished. Each vase is fired twice, once for its bisque firing and then for it’s glaze firing.

Measurements approx:
Large: 12cm x 8.5cm
Small: 10cm x 8cm

The artist recommends hand washing all ceramics for longevity,

The vases are stamped with the Jeff Josephine logo.

Please note, all ceramic items are handmade and hand painted making them one of a kind. The picture is for illustrative purposes, as no two will be identical. Please allow for slight imperfections in the work, it adds to their charm.


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