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Lochs Mint A3 Risograph

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this is a new edition of the now sold out lochs risograph in an updated colourway.

there are around 31,460 freshwater lochs in scotland and this print is based on data from the 13 largest (based on volume, area and length as listed by murray + pullar, 1910).

the volume of water in loch ness alone is almost double the amount of water in all the lakes of england + wales combined.

the circles next to each loch indicate water volume and the widths of the mountains and lochs indicate the length.

the mountain summits indicate the maximum depth of each lochs, whilst the coloured lines indicate the average depth relative to the maximum depth.

the print is a risograph, which has been printed by risotto studio in glasgow. risograph is a cross between a screen print and a photocopy and uses soy based inks, which are environmentally friendly.

the paper has been made by a paper miill in yorkshire using fsc accredited pulp.

print details
a3 print (420mm x 297mm)
edition of 100
3 colours (black, mint, federal blue)
riso printed in glasgow using 160gsm gf smith naturalis paper

Out of Stock!

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