Lucky Cat Sith – A5 Notebook

£ 6.50

Lucky Cat Sith – A5 Notebook

This design is from Sarah Kwan Artist’s ‘East meets West Series’, celebrating fun multicultural mash ups for all to enjoy! Designed with love, by Sarah from her Edinburgh studio.

A playful mix of the popular Chinese Lucky Cats and the Scottish Highland legend of the ‘Cait sìth’ (pronounced ‘caught shee’) – Lucky Cat Sith brings together these two iconic kitties that some believe bring blessings and good fortune.

Lucky Cat’s waving paws beckon good fortune and protection and are well loved for their smiling decorative aesthetic. Cat Sith has a number of legends attached to it and originate from Scottish and Irish mythology, the Cat was known to have black fur with a white patch on it’s chest. The story about the witches that were able to turn into a Cat eight times and on the ninth time would permanently be a cat forever more, is our favourite tale. Do you feel lucky? You will, with our Lucky Cat Sith.

Contains 48 plain 90gsm pages.

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