Screenprinted Prayer Flag Bunting

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Screenprinted Prayer Flag Bunting inspired by Nepalese prayer flags.  The illustrations on the flags were inspired by the artists recent trip to India and Nepal.

Each string of prayer flags measures approximately 135cm long.  The flags are sewn onto natural jute twine.  Each string comprises of 10 screen printed coloured paper panels and each panel measures 7.5 x 11 cm. The panels are stitched on to the twine at the top and the paper is also stitched at the bottom. There is extra twine at each side so the length can be altered.

Each string of prayer flags contains the background colours of red, blue, yellow, green and white.  The print sequence is totally unique to each set and each garland contains varying images.  This means that no two garlands are the same so you will receive one similar to those shown.


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