Taro Necklace

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Handmade from Polymer clay with marble-effect detail and white knitted Cord

Length: 60 cm

Made by Edinburgh based Damien Cifelli & Anne Crawford, Ceremony Jewellery


The Taro live at high altitude in the Annapurna range. They are a devout people who build their communities atop monolithic pillars, a practice they believe brings them closer to god. Items that cannot be attained from within the community are sent up from ground level by an elaborate system of pulleys. For people, access to the Taro’s land is only an option to the most advanced of climbers.

The jewellery they create acts as protection for the rare occasions they must go to ground level. A member of the tribe will stay in the community, wearing an identical piece of jewellery. This creates a constant psychological connection to high land.

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