Tiny Forest 1

£ 30.00

This handmade screenprint is part of an ongoing forest-themed series. Catherine created tree-shapes from many, many drawings that I did in forests and parks, and turned them into half-tone dot-screen shapes to expose onto her silkscreen. Each print is created by hand-printing these trees individually onto the paper at random, thus creating endless combinations and permutations, representing the infinite variety and diversity that these beautiful and fascinating environments hold.

Screenprinting was the ideal medium for this project: the speed of the process allowed her to make spontaneous decisions and individual choices for each print, and she loved layering of the half-tone dot-screen tree shapes to give the impression of the layers of foliage, while remaining true to printmaking form and creating a curious moiré effect where overlapping.

This small screenprint is signed and numbered 1/1/16, meaning it is part of a varied edition: one of sixteen prints in the same edition, but unique. It is truly one-of-a-kind and there is no other like it.

This print measures 38 x 19cm. Its striking vertical format is reminiscent of Japanese print formats, and the sparse and almost abstract combination of the tree shapes add to the sense of calm and simplicity. One alone will make a striking impact despite its small size, and several framed together can form a statement ensemble.

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