Under the Ice Zine

£ 8.50

This 24-page booklet tells a wee Selkie adventure!

Selkies are creatures of Scottish/Irish mythology, also known as the Seal People. They can discard their sealskins and walk as humans on land, and there are many, many songs and stories to be heard and yet more to be invented. This is Catherine’s own winter’s tale, originating in the Advent Calendar she made for Christmas 2013 and uploaded each day of December. She expanded the story a little and adapted it to the book format – some pictures have been redrawn, and there are additional pictures here that aren’t online. Apart from the title, there are no words, so it is adaptable for all languages, ages and reading abilities.

The images were assembled digitally, using backgrounds made specially in stone lithography and figures drawn by hand with Lamy fountain pen. The book is digitally printed on recycled white paper and measures 12x12cm, like a CD booklet, staple-bound with rounded corners.

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