Western European Fetish II

£ 90.00£ 120.00

Western European Fetish II (bowtie, good condition minus tail, sparrow feet, glass sprigs) is the full title of this print.

A beautiful, limited edition giclee print, signed and numbered by the artist.

Taking inspiration from pop culture, this portrait of well known child’s toy pony was originally created as a painting by Scottish artist, Kirsty Whiten.

Whiten strives to create frank images, which break down the social constructs of our behaviour.  This print in particular, aims to make the viewer aware of the sexuality, control and neuroses underneath appearance, this should make you feel a little uncomfortable, and is a brilliant piece to spark conversation, questions and debate.

Available in two sizes:

The smaller size is £90 and the image measures 33 x 33 cm, printed on to 43 x 43 cm paper.

The larger size £120 and the image measures 50 x 50 cm, printed onto approx 61 x 66 cm paper.

email nicky@edinburghart.com for more infomation.


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