Martin Nelson

“While parts make up the whole, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts”.
Martin R Nelson sees each print he produces as part of a progression of ideas. His prints are often limited to an edition of just 1, sometimes stretching to 3. Even within these editions of 3, he constantly pushes himself to find something new: a colour change; a different paper type or an addition or removal of a detail. This process is packed with more questions than answers as he sources the right media to convey his ideas. Boiled down to their component parts, his geometric compositions feature the square and the circle, and he embarrasses the classic representation of the circle as earth. These deceptively simple images are in fact reliant upon the artist’s phenomenally complex, technical skill and mathematical precision which combine to create a striking geometric rhythm and optical pulse.
Martin’s bold colour palette is knowingly inspired by the vibrant colour values of the late 1960’s psychedelic movement. There is a resonance to his colour work that can be difficult to capture photographically, which arguably increases the experiential nature of these jaw droopingly seductive screen prints.
Martin Nelson is a graduate of Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen and he lives and works from his studio in Merns, Aberdeenshire.
We may have artists proofs available, please contact for more information.

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