Susie Wright of Edinburgh

horse_headSusie Wright is as fond of the rickety streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town as she is of the more rural landscapes occupied her wonderful Stags, Eagles and Bears. She captures both with a bold confidence and pinpoint precision.

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Lady Muck of Whistable

Large-Spot-NecklaceWhat makes Lady Muck so special? Well of her creations involve a touch of retro, a suggestion of burlesque, a large splash of vintage, a whisper of whimsy, … all shaken together and best served with a stiff Martini!

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Thanks for the lovely feedback

Fantastic service, thanks so much. Glad to hear I just got one of the last ones! 18/3/2014   I just wanted to say thank you for the great service and products.  My Dad loved the sophisticated cat handkerchiefs!  We spotted them in your shop window in September when we were up in Edinburgh so I’m really pleased I was able to order them online from you. 17/12/2013 I would just like to send a quick thank you for the outstanding service you provide from your gallery. Not only did my art prints arrive the next day but they were packaged safely with ingenuity and care. On top of that the little things such as hand written thank you on the invoice and follow up email are just a lovely touch. The world be a better place if all online market vendors would pay the same care and attention to its customers. I don’t live in Edinburgh and hence can’t get in to browse your fantastic art gallery as much as I’d like but the service you provide for online shoppers is as friendly and personal as that of the store. So a very kind thanks again …”  28/11/13 Thank you for the email, I look forward to receiving the art print. It is a birthday present for my girlfriend, we were in your shop during a weekend in Edinburgh a few months ago and loved some of the prints. Service so far and when we were in the shop is exceptional.  2/10/13   This is my second online buy from your shop, in two months! I fell in love with your shop when I visited Edinburgh for the first time in June, so many beautiful things! I am definitely coming back! 18/9/13   Thanks for the update on the status of my order – really looking forward to receiving the art prints. Ordering on the website was quick and easy, enjoyed it all! 10/9/13  I love your website! I think it’s easy to navigate and is broken down into pleasing parts, i.e. gifts suitable for small people or big people. Not sure if I can think of anything that needs to be improved? 2/5/13

Photo Competition

We have a slight obsession with the colour ‘red’ and are looking for some cool photos featuring this most vivid and vivacious colour. Be it a photo of red artwork, red doors, red signs, red bicycles, red faces, red post boxes, red telephones and red cars, you choose, anything with a touch of style and creative feel.  For the winning photo, we are giving away a Red Door Gallery £25 gift voucher and will be publishing photos on our our blog and to the 5 best runner up photos there are 15% off vouchers to be won.  Please select ‘photo competition’ when emailing us your photo (along with a brief message of what is is, where you took it and why you think it’s cool).

Good Luck!

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