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This week sees the arrival of lots of bold and colourful new work.  If you’re a big fan of colour and shape then you’re going to love what we’ve got behind our Red Doors.

Inca Starzinsky Necklace made from Acrylic and Silver at The Red Door Gallery

New Jewellery has arrived from Inca Starzinsky. It’s a beautiful collection made up from layered abstract acrylic pieces in an amazing array of colours. We’ve all got our eyes on one of her beautiful pieces. The fluro red necklace above is definitely a staff favourite this week.?

Composition 1 in Red by Josie Molloy at The Red Door Gallery

The new prints from Josie Molloy are a match made in abstract heaven to our new jewellery. If you’re looking for a bold graphic statement piece for your wall then Josie’s prints are sure to fit the bill. Each print is a limited edition 5 or 6 colour screen print. Each print is hand screen printed by Josie in her London studio. They are small edition and hand signed by the artist.

play, letterpress, building blocks, tom pigeon, minimalist

Another bold patterned print that would sit right at home on your walls are the Play Letterpress Collection by customer favourites Tom Pigeon. These are a limited edition set, made in collaboration with london print maker Thomas Mayo. There are 3 in the collection and they’0re perfect for adults and children alike.

this clumsy monster picture book, great for kids, it's colourful,graphic pages are beautiful, by owl and dog books

Talking of kids, we’re sure your little one would love The Clumsy Monster by Owl and Dog Play Books. Start their love for Abstract Art from a young age with this beautiful neon coloured book.

new notebooks by Katie and Tom Leamon - Part of the new Kin Collection - at The Red Door Gallery

New Abstract Geometric Notebooks have arrived from Katie Leamon. This is part of Katie’s new Kin Collection with her brother Tom. This is one of our favourites. It’s reversible so you can sketch your abstract notions on one side and write your all important notes, poetry, songs, shopping list etc on the other. We like a dual purpose notebook! 🙂

ding ding yellow purse at The Red Door Gallery

Ding Ding continues to be a favourite with her bold geometric makeup bags, purses and clipboards. We love this sunshine yellow screen printed makeup bag. The perfect colour to brighten up your day. We can’t wait to see what new designs she’s working on this year.

always look on the bright side of life greetings card by Katie Leamon

It’s been a beautiful sunny day out there today so we couldn’t think of a better card to end our blog on. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life 🙂 Lets start the Monday off on a Sunny Note.

We hope you’ve had a Happy Lazy Sunday 🙂


Abstract Notions - New Blog up on our Website