It’s almost Halloween, one of our favourite times of year for dressing up and Pumpkins Galore. We’re not out for the shock value this year with our Halloween goodies.  Just lots of subtle spooky and slightly sinister prints and accessories in the gallery, with the odd nod to some pretty cool dress up ideas.

sugar skull, tri coin purse, leather, sodakitsch, foil embossed

If you love a Sugar Skull then we’ve just had a drop of new tri coin purses from SodaKitsch. Now featuring Foil Blocked Sugar Skulls.

tat skull, sugar skull, rich fairhead, el famoso, risograph, limited edition, halloween

They pair perfectly with Rich Fairhead’s Tat Skull Risograph Prints. You better be quick as the Limited Edition Gold Risograph is running low. It’s also available in Black.

familiar, cat, sinister, occult, science, scary cat, peter carrington

Peter Carrington’s prints make the viewer question if these are images of science, nature, mystical or the occult. A beautiful and inspiring collection of work. What do you see? If you haven’t see it yet, there’s still time to check out the fox Peter drew as part of his window exhibition with us.

horse head man, kirsty whiten, wronger rites, digital, water colour

We are extremely privilege to have the beautiful new book and set of limited edition prints by prolific Edinburgh based Artist Kirsty Whiten. Kirsty has worked with us here in the gallery for a number of years and we love her new work. We are offering a Print and Book deal in the Gallery for £26. Individually her Book is £20 and Prints £12 each. Call in for details.

Yellow Geo Chalk Stick Neckklace by Monstrous PencilWhether you’re going Spacey or Witchy with your Fancy Dress we think this Monstrous Pencil necklace would be quite a cool edition to your outfit and jewellery box there after. Its gorgeous Zingy Lime/Yellow colours really pop.

gemma correll, humour, cards, illustration, patchesIs It a pug? Is it a Skull? It’s a Pugskull! The perfect Halloween Patch. Comes as a set of 3 Tattoo Patches by Gemma Correll x Ohh Deer.

eye, eye patch, eye brooch, arkdesign, ark cambridge, foil embossed eye

Eye Eye!! Maybe you could be an alien from another planet with an third eye? We’d advise pinning to your jumper and not your head though, Ouch!! Newly Arrived from Ark.


Last minute and need a super quick dress up? These new dress up kits by Clockwork Soldier are for kids but we’re sure you could make it work. An outfit We’re sure even Tony Stark would be impressed by.

Pop on over to our Pinterest board and see what Halloween Ideas we’re pinning this month.

Trick or Treat!