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It’s International Cat Day!!! Just another excuse to spoil your favourite furry friend or just celebrate your love for cute kitties.

Tabby Cat Jewellery by Hello SunshineWe’ve got lots of great Cat themed goodies behind our Red Doors. Here are just some of our favourites at the moment.

Kitty Enamel Pins by Hello SunshineWhich best matches your cute kitty? These are by the lovely Jo of Hello Sunshine. She has her own cute cats Toby and Pegs. Who have inspired her popular jewellery range. Are you a Tabby Cat or A Black Cat fan?

Glaring of Cats by Mister Peebles

If you’re cat is anything like ours they’ve got glaring down to a fine art. A Glaring of Cats is the collective noun for a collection of cats. We love this Mister Peebles print.

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Cats and Coffee seem to go hand in hand for us. When Gemma Correll’s not drawing her favourite pugs. She can be found illustrating grumpy cats. This mug is one of our favourites.

Comtemporary Embroidery Kits by Hawthorn Handmade - Available at The Red Door Gallery

We love to spend an afternoon crafting if our furry critters will let us. This Embroidery Kit by Hawthorn Handmade is perfect for a quiet afternoon when the cats asleep in the other room. Ours is more likely to sit beside us and attack at every stitch!!

Hope you’re taking your kitty home some treats, We’re off home to see these wee cuties! 🙂

international cat day blogMeet Lulu – Nicky’s Cat

international cat day blogThe newest recruit is Ramen Ashley’s Cat!