rude-to-scaleHave we got some rubbish news for you?  We are down to our last copies of these bright, cheery, colourful prints and we’ve only just uploaded them online for ya.. how Rude?  Yes presicely, they are by London based design duo, Rude!

you-and-me-cushionAbi and Rupert are the folks behind Rude.  They met at work, left work, became Rude then became a family.  Over the last 8 years, they have grown their buisness to include many varying interests, all encompassing their trade mark cut out, colourful aesthetic.


Their fan base includes Zoe Ball and Tracy Emin, and of their own works, the designers say it is “our designs are rude in only the most innocent sense”.


We have a brilliant mix of their A3 Giclee prints available in the online shop, if you 100% love walking around the city in your brogues, then this collection will get a big ole tick on the list!cini-laptop-case-video-front

If you live techno, but love retro, then you share the design duo’s romantic take on craft.  This lap top case could be for you, cine film anyone?cini-laptop-case-video-reverseAnd the reverse will keep you amused for many an op art hour.spal-teapot

Not content with offering prints and textiles, the Rude designers aim “to make good design accessable, in whatever medium”.  True to their word, they have released this stunning collection of ceramics.  Titled the “Spal” collection, this teapot’s certain to be a good pourer.mugbannerhires_grande

And what’s a teapot without a matching mug?  Well, in keeping with the deisgn style, the mugs match, but not in a matchy matchy way, just to keep you guessing!canoe-a5-notebok-frontHopefully this Rude introduction has left you feeling inspired and ready to paddle your own design canoe?  Perhaps this cheeky wee note book would make the perfect starting point?rude-teamShop the full collection here 🙂

Happy Sunday!